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Do you want to get fixed return on your investment?

We exploit our profound knowledge of the Australia property market and wide contact base to recognize buildings and development sites with one or both of the following uniqueness:

Chances that let us to apply our asset management skills to make worth

We pertain obvious, tactical thinking alongside forensic, practical management to raise the value of the assets we manage. This may include civilizing top-line presentation all the way through improving lease conditions or adding space, improving NOI through enhanced competence, or applying our development and growth expertise to alter the use of a property or redevelop it

Chances that present the prospective for “above-average growth”.

This may be because of changing supply-demand individuality in an exacting sector or submarket, greater than before asset in local infrastructure, or changing societal or demographic tendencies.

At CDG, we focus on keeping long term relationships with our investors. Most of our first investors are still re-investing in new projects with us today. We have successfully forged a status on belief and responsibility. Most importantly, our investors enjoy the CDG feel because we bring what we commit when it comes to development outcomes with least demands on your time.

We give importance to the confidence you put in us to secure and increase your investment and are committed to follow the most strict assessment strategy before coming up with a new development to you. We also commit to not only be in touch with the benefits of a project to you, but to also make you aware of the jeopardy.